Teacher Referral Service

The RMTA Teacher Referral Service is provided to help our members when they are in need of additional students, and also to help students in the area to find qualified music teachers.

By signing up for this service, a teacher places his or her name on a list of names that will be used when a new student phones the Service for a teacher. Teacher referrals will be made on a geographical basis only, and not on the teacher’s years of experience, background, etc.

Please inform the Chairman as soon as an opening is available for the upcoming school year in order to update the list.

Teachers who have a full teaching schedule and are turning students away are requested to refer these students to our referral service. If a teacher moves away, students should call the service directly. 

For more information, please contact Vivien Chen, RMTA Referral, via email at vcpianostudio@gmail.com.