Student Recitals

Student Recitals:

Chair: Melissa Hawks

  • Please send the student information to Melissa Hawks at by the application deadline.

Deadlines/Dates/Locations: refer to calendar of events

  • PURPOSE: These recitals are designed to give students an opportunity to perform before parents and friends without the pressure of ratings or competition.
    • Note: Young students are encouraged to perform if they can present at least a second-year level of ability, hands together, using basic rhythms including eighth notes.
    • If the number of applicants exceeds the time limit for the recital, students who were last to apply may be asked to wait until a later recital to perform. It is recommended (but not required) that the teacher attend one of the recitals before entering students.
    • The student must be currently taking lessons from a current member of the Richmond Music Teachers Association (including student members).
    • The student should have completed six consecutive months of study (including months studied with another teacher).
    • The student must have participated in at least one studio recital or similar performing experience with his or her current teacher.
    • Each teacher is limited to three students per recital, and each student is limited to one piece (a prelude and fugue is considered one piece, or the student may play just the prelude or just the fugue; a sonata or sonatina movement is considered one piece).
    • Special requests may be made to the chairman and will be resolved depending upon the number of participants and the total playing time expected.
    • Entries may include solos, duets, and ensembles (only one grand piano is provided at the site).
    • No organ is available.
    • Piano solos must be played from memory.
    • If there is a duplication of repertoire submitted, the first entry will be accepted and the chairman will accept a substitute piece for the second entry if desired. The second entry has the option of postponing the use of his submitted piece for another recital.
    • Pieces are generally selected from standard concert repertoire or student method books. Any historical period is accepted, as are teacher compositions.
    • The minimum length for a piece is 24 measures (may be in ABA form).
    • There is no requirement as to level of difficulty correlating to the age of the student.
    • The chairman or a member designated by the chairman will organize the order of the program, usually by age from youngest to oldest, or by historical period, or according to agreeable presentation for the audience. Teacher requests for program placement will be considered if certain circumstances require it.
    • “Party dress” is best: boys in slacks and dress shirts with a tie, girls in a modest dress or pants outfit.
    • High heels, sport sneakers, and flip-flops are discouraged.


  1. The teacher should e-mail the application to Melissa Hawks at, in list form as given below:
    Student’s name as you wish to have it printed in the program;
    Age and school grade;
    Title and composer of the work to be played;
    Character and level of the piece;
    Duration of the piece;
    Teacher’s name, telephone number, and e-mail address.