Overview of Events 2022-2023

EventSubmission DeadlineDate of EventEvent TimeLocation
Board Meeting9/10/229:30 amSouthminster Presbyterian Church
Kick-Off Meeting for all Members/Potluck9/10/2211:00 amSouthminster Presbyterian Church
1st Workshop: Joanne Kong
“Bach Well-Tempered Clavier 300th Anniversary”
10/1/2211:00 amPerkinson Recital Hall, University of Richmond
RMTA Student Recital9/19/22 Submission10/2/223:00pmSt. Catherine’s School Chapel
VMTA Conference10/27/22 – 10/29/22Liberty University
Fall Festival10/19/22 Application & Fees11/19/22Reveille United Methodist Church
Dr. Sonia Vlahcevic Contemporary Music Festival11/11/22 Application12/3/223:00 pmVCU
Member’s Recital12/1/221/7/232:00 pmRichmond Public Library
2nd Workshop: Susanna Klein “The Power of Play and Games in Music Learning”1/21/2311:00 amSouthminster Presbyterian Church
Student Recital1/9/231/22/233:00 pmSt Catherine’s School Chapel
RMTA Bach Competition1/7/232/11/239am5pmSt Luke Lutheran Church, 7757 Chippenham Pkwy
RMTA Bach Competition Winners’ Recital2/12/233:00 pmSt Luke Lutheran Church
VMTA Sight-reading and Skills Tests1/26/23 Application & Fees2/26/23Jordan Kitt’s Music
VMTA Theory Tests2/9/23 Application & Fees3/12/23VCU
MTNA Conference3/25-29/23Reno, NV
3rd Workshop: Naima Burrs “Black Women in Classical Music”4/22/23Southminster Presbyterian Church
RMTA Student Recital4/10/234/23/233:00 pmSt. Catherine’s School Chapel
50th Anniversary High TeaTBAJefferson hotel
RMTA Summer Music Camp Scholarship Deadline5/15/23
VMTA Central District Auditions5/3/23 Application and Fees6/3/23St Catherine’s School Chapel
Achievement Award Submission5/22/23
Board Meeting6/10/23TBA
50th Anniversary Workshop: Melody Bober10/21/23TBA
Please refer to the Student Events and Teacher Events page for more information and applications. Our Members Area has helpful links for teachers.