Mentorship Program

RMTA/VCU MTNA Mentorship Program:

The mentor program aims to help provide a resource for the collegiate members of the VCU MTNA, and aid in their professional growth as private teachers. The mentors are active members in the RMTA and have been teaching for several years. Most have private studios, and can be a great resource for collegiate members that want to start a studio, or understand what private teaching is like. The mentor is paired with a VCU MTNA member and has the opportunity to provide valuable resources and insight to the collegiate members, to better their professional and music making development. The mentee will observe two teaching session given by the mentor, and the mentor will observe one teaching session given by the mentee. Feedback and discussion on each session is a critical part of this program as it allows the collegiate member to reflect and improve. If a collegiate member does not have students, a third observance session can be placed in lieu of it. Whether the collegiate member is a teacher, or has no teaching experience, the program allows the member to experience what the world of private teaching is like.


Requirements: Must be an active member of MTNA (Nationally, Locally, State, and Collegiate).