MTNA National Certification

The MTNA certification process recognizes the professional music teacher’s commitment to excellence and validates expertise on a national, standardized level. With the certification comes prestige, credibility and increased visibility to peers, clients, and employers, raising the student recruitment potential and increased earning power.

The Five Standards of the Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) include:

  • Professional Preparation
  • Professional Teaching Practice
  • Professional Business Management
  • Professionalism and Partnerships
  • Professional and Personal Renewal.

The MTNA Professional Certification program projects are based upon these standards. All music teachers actively engaged in the profession of teaching music are eligible for MTNA Professional Certification. For more information, please contact RMTA Certification Chair, Sharon Stewart.

IMPORTANT: In addition to his or her own individual reports, any certified mentors must notify the Certification Chair of any new or open applications and/or renewals so they can be included on the official RMTA list and in the Chair’s Certification Report.

NCTM Members

Barrs, Fay **

Chen, Vivien

Gulliksen, Rita Buss

Huang, Michelle

James, Anne *

Marrion, Melissa W *

Pineda, Julieta P *

Redford, Lynn S.

Ryan, Gabriella Zorzi *


* Teachers available to mentor

** State Certified