Achievement Award

The RMTA Achievement Award is an award that is presented to a student and their teacher who has participated in the most RMTA activities during the year.  The purpose of the student award is to recognize and encourage students to participate in musical activities within our organization. The RMTA executive committee feels that it is important to reward students for their continued dedication to music education. The RMTA executive committee also wants to recognize the RMTA teacher who supported and motivated their student.  The student achievement award will be an engraved trophy. The teacher achievement award will be an engraved plaque. 

For each RMTA teacher that has students who participate in many RMTA activities during the year, please submit a Documentation Form for each student that you feel is eligible for the award by May 22. Documentation should include registration sheets or programs for the events.

Activities may include: 

  • Student Recital Series
  • Playathon
  • Bach/Sonata Competition
  • Workshop Masterclasses
  • VMTA Fall Festival
  • VMTA Theory Tests
  • VMTA Skills Tests
  • VMTA Sight-reading Tests
  • VMTA Central District Auditions
  • Other RMTA/VMTA/MTNA events


**In the event of a tie on the number of events participated in during the current year, the merit of each event will determine the winner.